Trasnform Your Home with LED Lights

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What if you could change the look of your home without opening a tin of paint? If you could transform your rooms, without buying a stick of furniture or moving anything around?

Well, you can – and it is all down to the type of lighting you pick.

If you have never considered LED spots en LED lampen then now is the time to do so.

The multi layered effect that can be built up with inbouw spots, built-in LED spots and other inbouwspots LED can lift a living room out of the doldrums, without glare or other unwanted side effects.

The gentle look can be further enhanced by utilising a dimmer switch. Once upon a time, LEDs couldn’t really be used with a dimmer – and you still need to check carefully before installing one, to make sure that they are going to work with it.


LED inbouwspots badkamer even can be fit into your bathroom suite – traditionally not a place you might have thought about installing a dimmer switch.

The bathroom is sometimes overlooked, as a place to transform. This is because installing a new bath suite is both expensive, inconvenient and in many cases, simply unnecessary.

The fact is that you don’t need to go changing your bath or sink, just for the sake of it. All you really need to do is change the way it feels.

And this is one room where the lighting really can say it all.

With the aforementioned dimbare led spots inbouw badkamer your bathroom can become as ambient as you like – at the turn of a dial.

When turned right up to the max, these should be enough to help you see by properly. But maybe, they aren’t quite enough on their own, when it comes to tasks such as shaving and grooming.

LED inbouwspots badkamer are especially designed for the steam and spray in the bathroom area, so need to be used in the shower room.

Inbouwspots online kopen help focus down on specific tasks, but more may be needed. A light up mirror is always a friend in the bathroom – but this need not be the only thing that lights up.

For a more decorative look, how about LED strips along the bathtub?


The kitchen is another area where your lighting might benefit from an overhaul.

If you are still managing with only one overhead light for the entire room, then you will be amazed by the transformation that built in spots can make.

Like in the bathroom, these will help you focus in on the tasks that you need to perform in the kitchen. And in the kitchen, you will be in need of even more lighting – so we advise more of them here.

Focused beams on work surfaces, kitchen units and the sink, are all in order – these don’t need to be overly big, or bright. The beauty of these inbouw LED spots keuken is they provide plenty of lighting to see by, without ever flooding the senses.

They are focused and delicate little lights, which add an ambient light to the food prep areas and can of course, be turned off or down, when that area of the kitchen is not in use.

Of course, you are still going to want a “main” or big light in your kitchen area – probably somewhere in the centre.

This may be more decorative in nature than the lighting you already have. If you haven’t changed your kitchen lighting for some time, then you might be surprised to see chandeliers and attractive pendant lighting being used more in kitchens.

It is no longer necessary for the kitchen lighting to merely be functional – it can now be functional and fun.

And with the addition of colourful LED strip lighting, to illuminate your kitchen cupboards – from the top, bottom or within, there is no end to the combinations your imagination can come up with.

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