Beginner’s Guide: What You need to know about Matcha Green Tea

Beginner’s Guide: What You need to know about Matcha Green Tea
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Compared to numerous other types of green tea, matcha must be dissolved in water including the leaves before drinking. It is a traditional Japanese tea where all the leaves are ground into a fine powder then added to steaming hot water and taken immediately. Here is what you need to know about health benefits matcha green tea.

  1. It’s A Natural Source Of Caffeine

One of the most renowned health benefits of matcha green tea is that it provides 32g of caffeine in one cup. It’s much more than a standard cup of green tea and also more than a small cup of coffee. Therefore, it’s a natural source of caffeine and exactly what you need to wake up feeling alert in the mornings.

  1. Improves Memory, Mood, And Concentration

Matcha green tea contains L-Theanine, responsible for producing serotonin and dopamine. These 2 chemicals are responsible for improving your mood and enhancing your memory. That way, you can concentrate on simple tasks effortlessly. The compound also affects the alpha brain wave allowing your brain to slow down thus increasing your overall focus and concentration.

  1. Getting Enough Energy But Remaining Calm

When you take matcha green tea, the caffeine will be absorbed slower than other types of caffeine. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of caffeine such as energy without taking too much of it. Due to these benefits, the green tea was mostly used in Japan for meditation sessions where the participants needed to be alert and calm. Read more benefits on matcha green tea blog.

  1. High Levels Of Catechins And Other Antioxidant Properties

It contains high levels of catechins which are beneficial and potent for antioxidants. One of the most popular ones EGCG is renowned for its ability to fight cancer. Compared to other varieties of tea, matcha tea has higher levels of EGCG. When you take matcha tea, you will take at least 10 times more antioxidants than what’s found in other types of tea and other numerous health benefits.

  1. Weight Loss Benefits

With the high concentration of antioxidants, the tea can increase the level at which fat is burned in the body. Also it inhibits or slows down the formation of new fat cells in the body. The tea will increase your metabolism and if you add exercising you have a much better chance of losing weight.

  1. Improves Heart Health

Taking matcha green tea is healthy for your heat. Research has proven that the tea has catechins that can reduce the bad cholesterol found in your heart. Also, it’s been found to reduce your risk of suffering a stroke.

  1. Improving Your Skin Health

All the antioxidants found in matcha green tea will also play a great role in improving your skin health. It will reduce inflammation and prevent the creation of free radicals that might cause wrinkles on your skin. On the other hand, it has been found to prevent acne, pimples and many other elements on your skin allowing you to have a clear and glowing skin.

Take it today to enjoy these and more health benefits matcha green tea.