Rhinoplasty in New York: The Recovery Process

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Any rhinoplasty surgery requires you to wait for a couple of months for a full recovery – all the best cosmetic surgeons NYC will tell you that. The exception is a non-surgical rhinoplasty NYC, as it is done without any external or internal incisions, so the nose recovery doesn’t take much time. The process of healing is individual – some people have better healing tissues, others may have minor troubles. So before applying for a rhinoplasty procedure, make sure to ask for a consultation about all the steps of the healing process.

A Usual Recovery Process: Symptoms

Whatever the approach (open or closed) was used by one of the top rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC, to see a complete before and after results, you need to give your nose about 1-2 months to recover fully. Though, you might be able to get back to the work in less time. Basically, the symptoms you will feel during the rhinoplasty recovery are the same.


Headaches and dull pain in the nasal area will bother you for some time, but it will not be severe if you underwent the best rhinoplasty in NYC. You are free to use painkillers to sleep better and be able to concentrate on something that isn’t the pain, but the necessity will be gone in a couple of days. After that, you can use any non-narcotic painkiller to reduce the symptom, as the ache will be felt only slightly.


The biggest trouble most patients of even the best nose job surgeons NYC suffer from is congestion. Nobody can make it gone, as such a congestion is caused by the bruising inside of the nose due to the incisions and manipulations made. This symptom is the worst for the first couple of days, of course, but it will continue bothering you during several weeks after the surgery.

Congestion may interfere with your sleep, so it’s alright to use a light sleep medication. Also, use a saline spray to reduce the dryness in the nose that may cause a great irritation. Remember, blowing your nose is a huge taboo during the first stages of recovery.

It will not be a big trouble for those who had breathing problems before the rhinoplasty surgery. If the surgery is done by the best nose surgeon in NYC, you will feel the improvement of your breathing immediately, even with all the congestion and internal bruises.

Swelling and Bruising

These symptoms are not only internal, so you will notice considerable bruising and swelling on your cheeks and nose, too. In case the doctor changed the shape of your nasal bone, the symptoms will be more visible. There is also much that depends on how gently your nasal tissues were handled and whether your body is prone to more bruising and swelling. These symptoms are usually partially gone by the end of the first recovery week, and best plastic surgeons in NYC usually prescribe certain herbal and other medicines to help your body heal faster.

Work and Other Activities

As you wear a cast for the first 7-10 days after the nose reconstruction, you need about a week off from work. You will feel much better after the first couple of days after the surgery, but for the healing process to go better, you need some rest. No hard physical activities are allowed during the first recovery stages. Make sure you consult with the best rhinoplasty surgeon NYC before doing anything that is considered even a mild physical activity, as it can make the healing slower.

After your cast is removed, you will feel and look better within 1-2 weeks. In case it was a revision rhinoplasty, you will have to wait for more time. It will not be a good idea to have a huge wedding or birthday party planned after two weeks of recovery, of course. However, you will be able to go to the work without your colleagues noticing the bruising. Apply a light cover up and foundation to look better and be more self-confident at work.

Seeing First Results

About 70% of swelling and bruising will be gone in 2-3 weeks, and you will be able to notice the first changes in your appearance. The results will be seen better when 80-85% of the swelling is gone, which will take about 1,5 months. You may still feel a little shy to be in public before that, as your nose will be numb often. Touching the nose, smiling, or even talking will give a weird feeling like the nose isn’t your own. This will be gone after 6 weeks too, as well as dull pains from touching or rubbing the nose.

All these symptoms are just a reminder that you have had a surgery done, and they will be gone soon, as in two months after the operation you will see all the results. Make sure you visit one of the best plastic surgeons in RhinoplastyNYC.org often after the procedure is done, so the nose specialist follows the recovery.

Boosting the Healing Process

Most patients get a bit paranoid that they can harm their noses after the cast is removed. Of course, if you accidentally bump it or lie on it, healing tissues can be stressed again, and the recovery will take more time. But there are no troubles with such things usually, so there is mostly nothing to be worried about.

What you can do is boost your body’s healing abilities to see the results faster. The first thing to do is to listen to the doctor attentively and to do everything he or she tells you. You will probably get a list of medications to avoid, so make sure to check the list when you buy sleep aids, painkillers, and other things.

Apply cool compresses onto the face for the first two days after the surgery and keep your head up for as much time as you can. Don’t lift or bend anything for the first couple of weeks to avoid sudden bleeding or excess bruising. Get outside for a walk from time to time and keep your diet healthy to support your body with enough energy to heal faster. Make sure you call one of the top doctors NYC to get a consultation if you feel like something is wrong.

Other Symptoms That Might Be Felt

There is a number of minor symptoms that will be present during your recovery. There is nothing bad in them, and your condition will become much better with time. Your nose may be more prone to running and swelling. Nasal allergies may become a common issue, so make sure you have certain aids and a clean environment. You face may be more vulnerable to breakouts then usually, and more sensitive to sunburns.

These symptoms will be gone when you fully recover, but you should remember that it works only with the first surgery. When you apply for a revision rhinoplasty, the process of healing is slowing down, so all the symptoms bother you for longer, and more aid is necessary to make it painless. In case you are about to have a revision surgery, find the best plastic surgeon in New York that will handle your nose reshaping with all care.

To Sum Up

The recovery procedure isn’t an easy thing, so you will not be able to hang out with your friends the next day. But it’s also not as scary as many people imagine, especially if you and your doctor handle it well. Take all necessary medications, stay away from all possible infections, and consult with your specialist every now and then. If you do all that, the results will be seen in the shortest time.

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